Leoni's fight against NCL

The second opinion

At my parents' insistence we go to the AKH (the Viennese general hospital), to get a second opinion.
The second opinion is in accord with the first opinion. The doctors assume that Leoni suffers from a metabolic disease
and want to make an examination of her liquor cerebrospinalis. Actually we wanted to spare Leoni this procedure,
but after two doctors suggestd this examination, we agreed. We had an appointment in September.
Additionally to this procedure they also made a current MRT,
a PET and a long-term EEG.
The doctors were alarmed about the EEG and gave us the choice between a cortison therapy which would last for three days
or an induced coma, to give Leoni's brain time to recover. We choose the cortisone therapy.
On the third day Leoni was obviously feeling better and she was able to walk again, with the help of one of her hands.
It was planned that Leoni will stay for only three days but it took two weeks till she was released from the hospital.

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