Leoni's fight against NCL

The first opinion

It takes a long time till the results from the AKH arrive. Some of the samples were sent to a laboratory in Switzerland.
The analysis of the EEG and the PET has to be done by specialists, who are not always available.
The ambulatory in the AKH is pretty new, big and cold. While we were told the results,
there are 15 students in the same room. Leoni seems to be an interesting case, a metabolic disease, just not sure yet which one.
We want to go back to the hospital in Mödling, Leoni is well-known there and people smile at her and talk a little bit with her.
We visit our doctor in Mödling and tell him about the results. He takes a long time to think about them,
does not talk a lot, we know him and that he is near and dear to children.
He wants to get Leoni tested for neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. We ask him what kind of disease this is
and he tells us that we do not want to know that. But I am curious and I look it up online and the doctor was right,
I'd better did not want to know what it was.
Long weeks of waiting in fear started.

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