Leoni's fight against NCL

The first fit

On the 22th of May we went to the 'Wiener Prater', an amusement park, with Leoni for the first time.
After the carousel and the pony riding we bought some sweets. While we were waiting for our candyfloss,
Leoni rolled her eyes and collapsed.
I carried her to the park outside, away from the loud noises and the people. In front of a restaurants' garden
we sat down on a bench and while I see Leoni's cramps I know it: "my child suffers from epilepsy".
Maria tries desperately to find someone who could call the ambulance. The people who walk by and the guests
from the restaurant starred at us like a herd of sheep. Finally a young woman helps us, spreads her pullover
in the gras and we positioned Leoni in the lateral recumbent position.
20 minutes later the ambulance arrived, they were not able to find the little restaurant in the park.

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