Leoni's fight against NCL

The first thunderclouds

One evening in February 2009, while Leoni was playing with her grandfather, she became really quiet.
She rolled her eyes upwards, did not show any reaction at all anymore, collapsed and her lips turned blue.
An endless minute later she blinked again, coughed, threw up, started crying and shivering with fear.
A few minutes later the ambulance arrived and we all drove to the nearest hospital.
The doctor on duty calmed us down, that Leoni just ate too much and therefore she threw up while playing.
This can happen with little kids.

In April 2009 Maria and Leoni visited me while I was in a health resort. After I picked them up from the train station
I found out that Leoni did collapse again during the train ride. During the next few days she acted totally normal
and also while we drove back home her behaviour was not any different.

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