Leoni's fight against NCL

too good to be true

On the 12th of January we get the message that the appointment in New York has to be placed on hold,
because one of the doctors who should evaluate Leoni during the screening, is not available on this date.
They want to let us know as soon as there is a new date fixed for another appointment.
We are desperate. Back down to earth again, we realized that without the appointment in New York
there is almost no hope for Leoni. After the first week in kindergarten Leoni catched a fever,
but it stopped after two days again. Short after that I recognized that I might get sick.
Like always I first catched the virus, which Leoni brought home from kindergarten.
Leoni’s kindergarten teacher told Maria that she never experienced such an aggressive virus.
Only eight or nine kids out of the whole group were not sick, the rest was sick and in the most cases
also the parents or sometimes even the grandparents got infected.
At the beginning I had 38 degrees which went up to 39,8 degrees on the third day and on top of that
I also had a cough and headache.
Due to the long stays in bed, I stared to become pain in my back again. Since I was young I had back pain,
but the reason for that only came out a few years ago. A protrusion of my spinal disc causes a lot of pain.
I am not comfortable to take my pain medicine because I am also on medication against the flu.
Maria starts to show flu symptoms and Leoni gets a cold and starts coughing.
I feel terrible, suffer a lot of pain, Maria and Leoni are getting sick and our only hope
is on hold for an indefinite period of time.

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