Leoni's fight against NCL

Leoni the Lion

Leoni (Latin for Lion) was born on the 1st of August 2006 as our first and probably only child.
After two tubal pregnancies we relied on in vitro vertilisation.
8 years and 4 attempts later we were pregnant.
At the beginning of the birth everything seemed to be alright, but soon it came to a standstill.
Since it was too late for a caesarean delivery the doctors had to deliver Leoni with the help of a ventouse and a forceps.
For Leoni's Mom the delivery was so exhausting that her circulatory failed for a while.
After an hour her circulatory was stabilised again, but she could not move
therefore she had to spend the night in the delivery ward.

Later on we found that Leoni got hurt during delivery and suffered from a collarbone fracture.
There was Leoni, with her fight into life which took hours and a broken collarbone.
She was brought into the incubator to lie under a warm lamp and provided with oxygen.
While I was standing next to the incubator, looking at this little wonder, how she lay on her stomach,
breathing peacefully, she supported herself with her hands and raised her head,
a fighter since the very beginning.
Our little Lion, our Leoni!

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